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Refer & Earn

Welcome to Addooco’s client referral scheme, a quick and simple way for our clients to Refer…. and Earn by introducing Addooco’s Services.

The Standout Winner

Lead generation is so crucial to attracting new clients and growing any business. But amongst the many marketing tactics and lead generation methods, the standout winner has to be receiving a referral from an existing client. Referrals are based on trust, positive experience and on a recomrnendation from people who we know and trust.

Addooco’s growth over the years has been largely built on “word of mouth” and
referrals received from our existing clients, happy with our products and ongoing support.

To further grow our client base and with the right type of new client from your
recommendations, Addooco are now pleased to announce the launch of our new client referral scheme, Refer & Earn.

Refer & Earn

Generate a whole new revenue stream and enjoy a steady stream of generous commissions with Addooco’s client referral scheme.

How does Refer & Earn work?

It couldn’t be simpler! Any new client resulting from a referral you make, will earn you one month of revenue (based on a 36 month term).

  • 1 x small new client referral paying £500.00 per month = £500 commission for you.
  • 1 x medium new client referral paying £5000.00 per month = £5000 commission for you.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! We want to say thank you, to you, our client for recommending Addooco and we hope by introducing our Refer & Earn Scheme it will also encourage you to continue recommending and introducing Addooco whenever an opportunity arises for you to do so!

*Referral fee is based on a new client contracting to a minimum three year term commitment and will be payable once Addooco receive our first month’s payment from the new client.

*Please note it is entirely your responsibility to pay any tax that may arise from receiving any referral commissions.