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Feb 12th 2017

Addooco Sponsoring Retail Awards

Addooco are very proud to have been announced as main event sponsor for the Chesterfield Retail Awards in May 2017. Made possible through the company’s strong relationship with Destination Chesterfield and the Chesterfield Champions this is seen as a great way to raise Addooco’s profile in the town whilst also being able to give something back. Rich Walters, Managing Director said: “As a long-standing Chesterfield business Addooco are proud to be sponsoring the 2017 Retail Awards. We recognise the great value our retailers bring to ensure our town remains a vibrant and interesting place for residents and visitors alike. In these times of the online shopping generation our retailers have done a great job of offering a strong range of quality products to ensure consumers continue putting their money back in to the local economy. Addooco has a stated business objective to buy locally wherever possible and we would encourage others to do the same”