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Aug 17th 2017

CSR, NDVA & Addooco

Addooco is pleased to be further developing our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy by partnering with NDVA (North Derbyshire Voluntary Action). More details will be revealed later as we continue planning an exciting collaboration project, utilising Addooco’s technical know-how, to encourage more business to take CSR seriously to the direct benefit of many smaller charities in the region.

NDVA has also signed up to Addooco for all of their own IT & Telecommunications requirements covering the next 3 years. In migrating to Addooco Cloud Servers, Hosted Email, Backup and VoIP Telephone System, all delivered from Addooco’s Clear Skies platform, NDVA has now seen the future of flexible working. Never again will they have to go through the hassle and expense of procuring expensive servers and telephone systems.

James Wood, Head of Sales & Marketing for Addoco said: “It’s probably fair to say that NDVA don’t fit the typical profile of an Addooco client but they are a brilliant organisation that is working towards a very commendable goal. As I have got to know the team over the last few months, it has become very clear they are a great bunch of people with huge hearts and some excellent ideas, striving to provide all sorts of help to people in need within our community. Addooco has worked hard to make this partnership happen and look forward to applying our technical skills to future innovative projects.”

Nice one James! So here’s to a positive and productive future for us all – and with a clear conscience too.