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Aug 17th 2017

Addooco Boss Features in ‘Ask the Expert’

Addooco Founder & Managing Director Rich Walters has recently appeared in highly regarded business publication Insider to share his expertise on VoIP (Voice over IP) and Unified Communications technologies that are designed to cut costs and increase business productivity. Along with Addooco long-standing partner, Mitchells Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors, who were an early adopter of Unified Communications themselves, our team were very pleased to be asked to join the panel of experts for the Yorkshire Insider article.

Because VoIP runs over a data connection rather than traditional phone lines, the stability and speed of the internet connection becomes even more important. On that same subject and we particularly love this quote from Rich: “Don’t just assume that all broadband products are created equal. The £15-a-month package that comes almost free with your cornflakes is probably not good enough to run your entire business’ internet requirements, and telephony too.”

Read the full article from Insider here