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Secure Access

Who needs access to systems and how much access are they allowed? Who is based where and what devices do they require? Such understanding is essential for Addooco to deliver a fast and secure user experience. We have a range of hardware and software technologies to manage different user profiles securely.

Network Design

To ensure that your systems are functioning to their full capabilities a robust internal network is of course as important as connectivity to the outside world. Addooco have bundles of experience with corporate Wi-Fi networks, cabled networks and the equipment that makes it all work. From Gigabit switches to POE and wireless access points to routers, Addooco have the product range and experience to build business’s network to suit your exact needs.

Network Security

Such an important subject! Firewalls in your offices, firewalls in front of your servers, industry leading anti-virus solutions, password management and best practice consultancy are all areas Addooco help with surrounding network security. Our ISO27001 accreditation along with our Cyber Essentials Certification give you the confidence you need that Addooco know exactly what we are doing when it comes to security.

User Devices

From laptops to workstations and tablets to mobiles, Addooco can advise on, supply and set up the best devices suited to your own business departments. The importance of having the right device in place to serve your teams specific purposes should never be underestimated, its physical make up along with the correct operating systems and software licensing can go a long way in determining the quality of a users experience.

Managed Print

Remote workers are instantly connected in to the Addooco Clear Skies platform in a number of ways. Direct Access will give users an ‘always-on’ direct link straight in to your company’s Clear Skies Servers over any connection, even eith no connection the user can still work from their desktop as usual. Device agnostics apps enable various communications methods including voice calls via any connection without a traditional telephone.