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Clear Skies Platform

Addooco recognises that not all ‘cloud’ products are created equal, this is why we have developed our Clear Skies Platform. We incorporate the latest ‘best of breed’ technologies, engineered for performance, designed for ultimate flexibility and constantly innovating to enable your business’ dynamic workforce.

Clear Skies Servers

With no capital outlay required Addooco are experienced in designing and deploying different types of virtual servers to deliver various functions to your business, this includes hosting and delivery of your industry specific software. Unlike other ‘Hosted Desktop’ type cloud solutions Addooco allow you to work on your desktop as usual even without an internet connection, once connected again your device simply synchs to the servers instantly to bring you the best of all worlds.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Addooco can manage backup schedules in a variety of different ways to suit your specific business needs, disaster recovery sits closely alongside but is something quite different. Backup can help you on a day to day basis with recovering a deleted file or winding back the clock to a different version for instance, disaster recovery is a plan to allow your business to get back up and running quickly in the event of a catastrophe at your business premises.

Email & Collaboration

Question: When is email not just email?
Answer: When it’s Addooco Hosted Exchange! Our Hosted Exchange gives your users secure access to their calendars, tasks and email from various devices wherever they are, and all for a low monthly cost per user only. Spam filtering is included as standard and we guarantee your users will always be right up to date at all times, running the latest software version and it’s associated features, along with ongoing management of security patch updates.

Clear Skies Voice

Addooco host our own futureproof telephone system within our Clear Skies Platform. Perfectly suited to all businesses especially multi-sited organisations with a remote workforce, Clear Skies Voice is highly reliable and quick to deploy. Flexibility is offered in the way your business makes and receives calls along with a choice of high quality phones, devices and apps that can be used to do so. Get rid of expensive line rentals, maintenance contracts and large call bills once and for all with Addooco Clear Skies Voice.

Unified Communications

Smarten up and take your business communications one step further by merging telephony, email and much more in to single cutting edge communications platform. Addooco Unified Communications is ideal for multisited business, multi-nationals and heavy overseas travellers. We will bring you enterprise grade voice, instant messaging & presence, video conferencing, remote desktop sharing and much more azvailable to use with colleagues and external parties alike. We will enable free unlimited global communications with a host of different media options at your disposal.